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Accelerator: TECHHOUSE ELEVATOR – Energize your Start-up

Accelerator: TECHHOUSE ELEVATOR – Energize your Start-up


9. April 10:00 15:00

The Accelerator programme will take place from April until the middle of June 2024.


3 modules in person:

Vienna – Two Modules

Malta – One Module

3 modules online.


As a funded project, the TECHHOUSE ELEVATOR participation is for free – if the Start-up hasn’t used 300.000€ in de-minimis subsidies in the last 3 years.

Register until

End of February.

Number of participating Start-ups

10 Start-ups from the energy sector.


Niklas Weichbold

Project Manager – THI TECHHOUSE GmbH

Accelerator: TECHHOUSE ELEVATOR – Energize your Start-up


The TECHHOUSE ELEVATOR 24 – for digital transformation in the energy sector

THI TECHHOUSE GmbH and The Blue Minds Solutions are partners in a European Commission funding project: the European Digital innovation Hub INNOVATE!

As part of this funding project, TECHHOUSE and The Blue Minds Solutions are hosting a subsidised and therefore free start-up accelerator, which supports new companies from the energy sector in their growth in various face-to-face and online modules.

Not only i the participation free, one of the participating Start-ups will even get a 50.000€ investment from The Blue Minds Solutions.

What does that mean?
In our accelerator, we will give 10 to 12 Start-ups from any countries in the European Union, the opportunity to work on business modeling, their digital potential, marketing, sales and branding in an interdisciplinary way.
They will be integrated into the “ELEVATOR” accelerator program for a period of 3 months, which offers further training and consulting modules at certain fixed times.
There are no costs for the start-ups, and travel costs for the attendance appointments are also covered by the funding program.

When does the TECHHOUSE ELEVATOR program take place?
The program is held in 3 face-to-face modules (camps) and 3 online modules (leaps) from April to June 2024.

If you are interested in participating with your Start-up, send your Pitchdeck, CV and a short Mail to

The programme is held as part of the European Digital Innovation Hubs in Austria and is funded by the FFG, the BMAW and the European Commission.


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